Life is Short. Allow it to be Blissful with CBD.

Life is Short. Allow it to be Blissful with CBD.

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two decades In Hemp

Our parent business, Ecofibre Ltd. is just one of the earliest and biggest hemp development companies in the entire world. Ecofibre Ltd. has the whole world’s biggest personal cannabis seed bank composed of over 300+ cultivars and ascensions gathered from virtually every continent in the world. A publicly exchanged entity, Ecofibre farms processes and areas hemp-based services and products on a few continents.

Certified Kentucky Grown

We now have deep origins in Kentucky, where climate and soil create optimal conditions for growing hemp outside, under normal sunlight and rain. We’ve contracted our hemp farming with generational farmers since 2014. We always utilize natural growing practices and use pesticides, never herbicides, or GMO’s.Continue reading